January 1, 2024

Cold Case Archives: What happened to Friday Riley?

Therese Apel

Friday Riley
Friday Riley
Friday Riley disappeared in December of 2012 and still has never yet been found.

Just three days before Christmas 11 years ago, Friday Riley was seen leaving his house near Sallis.

He didn’t come back.

When January 7, 2013 rolled around, his family decided it was time to report him missing. A search of the area by the sheriff’s department and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks uncovered nothing that could lead authorities to 43-year-old Riley.

Riley, a black male about 5’5″ tall and 150 lbs at the time of his disappearance, was last seen wearing a brown, orange and white shirt, blue jeans and a pair of blue and white striped shoes.

Mississippi State University’s Missing In Mississippi says that Nail said Riley had wandered off before, including once earlier that year, but that he had always returned.

To this day, still nobody knows where Friday Riley went that day or where he is now.

At the time, Sheriff Tim Nail issued a $1,000 reward. Nothing ever panned out.

In 2015, skeletal remains were found by hunters in a rural area that is used for hunting and timberland. In spite of hopes that it could have been Riley, they were identified as a 14-year-old runaway who had been killed by a gunshot wound.

If you have any information on Friday Riley and what may have happened to him or where he may be, please call the Attala County Sheriff’s Department at (662) 289-5556.

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