November 21, 2022

Child Sells Hot Sauce And Art Work To Raise Money For Jackson Animal Shelter

Morgan Howard

Source: CARA

This may be the sweetest story we have heard in a while.

A little boy named Harry decided that he wanted to help out CARA (Community Animal Rescue & Adoption). They are a no-kill shelter in Jackson, Mississippi that does so much for the community daily.

Harry decided to set up a stand at the Brandon Holiday Market and sell a special hot sauce and artwork that he created.

Source: CARA

His stand was named “It’s a Wonderful Cake”. Shelter director Valerie Hicks, posted on social media saying,

“Weekend shoppers! Anyone planning to attend the Brandon Holiday Market tomorrow? If so, please stop by the “It’s a Wonderful Cake” stand and tell young Harry how awesome he is and how beautiful his heart is! Kids like this are such a bright light to a sometimes dim world.”

Harry and his family spent time volunteering at CARA recently and Harry couldn’t stop thinking about his time at the shelter. He wanted to do more to help the animals.

Every penny that Harry raised at his stand went to the animals at the shelter.

Shelter Director thanked Harry saying,

“Harry, you are the best! Thank you so, so much for sharing your love of animals with us. Super cool that we got to visit with you at CARA! I’ve never met someone who has their own bottle of hot sauce! 😍

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