February 13, 2024


Morgan Howard

This week, in celebration of Black History Month, we are featuring a black-owned business in our community.

Ryshonda Beechem and her husband Roderick started a business called Beechem Tax and Resolution Services in Pelahatchie, Mississippi. She also served as the first African-American mayor in Rankin County when she was Mayor of Pelahatchie from June 6, 2017-June 2021.

Ryshonda Beechem was raised in Pelahatchie, Mississippi. She attended Pelahatchie High School where she was the Student Body President, Cheer captain, basketball captain, track captain in Beta club, and Annual staff editor.

We interviewed Ryshonda and learned more about her and why she loves the beautiful state of Mississippi. We also talked to her about why she is passionate about what inspired her to start this career.

Why do you love Mississippi and owning a business here?

Ryshonda said that she loves the down-to-earth spirit that many people have. She talked about how there are people who make a lot of money and you would never know because they are so humble. She said she and her husband love owning their business here because they are close to their family, especially her mom. Ryshonda said they try to help those they can and give back to those in need in the community.

She talked about how she loves how the older generation in Mississippi seems to genuinely care for and guide the younger generations. They remind them to continue to pray for better in Mississippi.

“Having a strong praying, supportive foundation helps us grow and encourages us to continue to strive for better in life.”
What does your business offer to the community?
Beechem Tax and Resolution Services does payroll, bookkeeping, taxes, IRS resolution, budget analysis, financial coaching, S-Corp Assistance Filing 1099 & 1120, and other services.
Ryshonda said she loves that they can provide services and answer questions regarding laws in Mississippi dealing with business. She has a passion for working with people and numbers!
“I also love when clients are very grateful and appreciative of being taken care of. I love when our clinets have trust in us and we deliver with confidence.”
Who inspired and influenced you in your career path?
There was one teacher who greatly influenced Ryshonda’s love for math and her field of work named Laura Ramsey Walker.
“She was the most amazing teacher that I could ever have aside from my basketball coach Billy Gray (RIP).  Mrs. Laura was the kindest teacher.  I recall being in her trigonometry class and she would allow me to run errands for her because I would finish my work before everyone else. She said I was such a great student.  I feel so blessed that I had that type of impact on Mrs. Laura that she continued to talk about me even when she moved and I went on to graduate from Jackson State University.  We are still in touch now. When I had my daughter Ramzey, Mrs. Laura sent us the most beautiful gift and it warmed our hearts, especially mine. Certain people you will never forget and Mrs. Laura is that person for me!!!”
How did you and your business partner (your husband) meet?
Ryshonda said she met her husband Roderick back in 2009. They met one night at a restaurant/bar and she said they have never been apart since that day.
The couple got married on August 26, 2012, and two years later, they welcomed their beautiful daughter Ramzey Za’Riah Beechem into the world. She is also called their “Lucky Charm” because she was born on St. Patrick’s Day (St. Ramzey’s Day in their house).
Ryshonda and her husband opened their tax company and have been business and life partners ever since!
You can contact their company and use their services by calling their office number is 769-837-1000.


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