March 28, 2024

Career Criminal To Serve 15 Years Despite Evidence Lost By Brookhaven Police

Morgan Howard

Thursday morning, March 28, Judge Michael Taylor sentenced Williams to 20 years on each count, with 15 years to serve, the balance on Post Release Supervision. He has a total of 30 years to serve in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.
Assistant District Attorneys Joey Norton and Steven Waldrup prosecuted the case.
District Attorney Brendon Adams expressed his gratitude for the hard work and dedication of his assistants.
“Koey and Steven worked diligently on this case From talking with witnesses and researching Legal points, these guys put in many long hours and I could not be more proud of the work they accomplished.”
District Attorney Adams said that several considerations went into this decision.
“Mainly the fact that former employees with the Brookhaven Police Department had misplaced a key piece of evidence after processing the crime scene creating a major hurdle to have to overcome. I would like to thank all the current investigators with the Police Department that worked to try and help locate the missing evidence to no avail.”
Adams states that incidents like this are driving factors as to why he is pushing for continued training for our Law enforcement partners.
Officers have reached out and asked for training on the collection and processing of evidence that could be used in the prosecution of criminal cases.
District Attorney Brendon said their office has already begun scheduling training with agencies, one of which is going on today.
This office will continue to provide officers training to help them serve their communities and reach their full potential while preventing issues like these from happening in the future.

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