November 30, 2022

Byram Police Arrest Man For Sending Kids Into Walmart To Shoplift

Morgan Howard

Source: Byram PD

According to Byram Police Chief David Errington, a man was arrested after he sent kids into Walmart to shoplift.

The incident happened at the Walmart at 131 Handley Blvd.

32-year-old James Jackson, of Jackson, was taken into custody.

Source: Byram PD

He has been charged with three counts of Contributing to Delinquincy of Minors, Child Endangerment, DUI, Trafic Offenses, Felony Fleeing, Resisting Arrest, and Shoplifting.

Jackson was given no bond.

Three juveniles were also called for misdemeanor shoplifting.

Jackson has been taken to Hinds County until his arraignment.

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