February 9, 2024

Beside Still Waters: When the Master returns

Therese Apel

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” – Matthew 25:13

Universally, nobody knows when their last day will be, and even moreso, we don’t know when Christ will come back to claim his people.

Has it ever occurred to you to think hard about that? Some would be inclined to think about their family or their business or certain plans they have and whether they get to see them through. But the question in Matthew 24-25 is whether or not we’re ready for His return, and what we are doing to prepare.

These chapters have multiple stories of people who should have been expecting a return — a bridegroom or their master in these stories. In the case of the master and his servants, he had entrusted money to them while he was away. With the bridegroom, he was coming to his 10 brides for the wedding feast.

We see the difference of the ones who were prepared, whether it was by investing the money and bringing a return or by the simple preparation of having oil in their lamps. To bring this around to modern times: Are you investing in other lives in order to bring them to Christ? Are you doing everything you can to live a life worthy of the celebration we will get to see when He comes back? The thing is, not everyone deserves it.

God looks on the heart. He looks at your intentions. He knows whether you’re looking ahead to His return and living accordingly, or if you’re living for yourself day by day. If you feel like maybe you’re not prepared, that’s okay. You can change that today: it doesn’t take much to put the oil in the lamp. ❤️

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