March 14, 2023

Jackson Animal Shelter Partners With MDOC So Inmates Can Work With Rescue Animals

Morgan Howard

Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi announced a new program they are excited to share with friends and supporters.
They are partnering with the Mississippi Department of Corrections to work with the female inmates at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility to foster and work with their rescues while they await adoption.
The shelter said they will offer opportunities for the inmates to help with either cats or dogs, depending on their preference.
ARF says they will train the women to teach the dogs skills and tricks to help them prepare for adoption. The cats will obviously demand rubs, pets, and food, as all cats do.
ARF said that the female inmates who work with the cats love them and do an exceptional job of working with even the shy and timid cats, getting them more social and comfortable with multiple people handling them.
These animals will also provide the women with skills to assist them with job opportunities upon release and will give them a sense of purpose while incarcerated.
The dogs and cats will live with the inmates and have tons of love and attention while living in the program. The women have to earn the right to work in the program with the animals. The program teaches the inmates empathy, responsibility, patience, compassion and teamwork.
When it is time for the dog or cat to graduate and go to it’s home, the inmates will write a letter to go with the dog or cat to tell the family about the animal’s abilities, personality, favorite tricks and snacks or favorite game.
The win for our dogs and cats awaiting adoption at the shelter is that they are going to a foster home where the foster will be available to help the animal 24/7 and be more prepared to live with a family giving the animal a greater chance for success as a family member.
They will be out of the shelter environment and provide space for another animal needing rescue off the streets.

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