January 2, 2024

Accused Scott County killer Sammy Patrick was already on the run from MDOC

Therese Apel

Sammy Patrick's MDOC photo
Sammy Patrick's MDOC photo
The man who allegedly shot and burned an elderly woman in Scott County Saturday is still on the run Tuesday after being seen allegedly robbing a Subway in Woodville Monday afternoon.
There is currently a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of Sammy Patrick.
According to MDOC records, though, he was already wanted for absconding from post-release supervision sometime after April 6, 2018 while serving time for an auto theft. He was released from prison on that charge on March 29, 2018.
MDOC records state that Patrick has convictions on vehicle theft, stolen property, and a jail escape from Newton County in 2005, Attala County in 2007, and Leake County from 2013 and 2017. Scott County Sheriff Mike Lee said before December 20 when his department put out a Facebook wanted flyer on Patrick for stolen vehicles and an ATV, he had never been any trouble and definitely didn’t have anything violent on his local record.
Sammy Patrick is wanted in the shooting death and burning of an elderly Scott County woman
Sammy Patrick is wanted in the shooting death and burning of an elderly Scott County woman

Which is why the community was stunned when Patrick allegedly attacked, shot and killed 78-year-old Dee Eady, apparently without even robbing her home or her purse.

“This was a big surprise,” Lee said. “Before the string of car thefts if I’d seen him on the street I wouldn’t have worried about him reaching in his pocket and pulling a gun.”
Even the woman in the Subway that Patrick is accused of robbing in Woodville told police the man she waited on was exceptionally polite until he actually robbed her.
“When he pulled out the gun was really when he said the first cuss word,” Lee said.
Lee said there is chatter that Patrick may have family in the Woodville area, which could be why he ran that way. He said he and other investigators have been stymied as to how he made it that far without being caught on any traffic cameras. It appears that Patrick could be using smaller roads and avoiding major roads, highways, and interstates.
Sammy Patrick is wanted in the shooting death and burning of an elderly Scott County woman
Sammy Patrick

“We’re hoping he’ll start to move,” Lee said, adding that it’s not clear if Woodville was Patrick’s destination or if he could have been headed to Louisiana.

He was last seen driving a truck with disabled tag DBW5119.
The sheriff said he hopes for a peaceful outcome, but he’s concerned about what appears to have been an abrupt descent in Patrick’s behavior.
“I’m just hoping that he doesn’t hurt anyone else, and that he doesn’t get hurt” Lee said. “We want to end this peacefully, but it’s worrisome. This is two crazy things he doesn’t normally do in just the last four days.”
Lee said Scott County has made law enforcement around the state aware of Patrick’s flight, and the department has reached out to the U.S. Marshals to get involved, he said.
Patrick is charged with capital murder in Dee Eady’s death in Scott County. He is considered armed and dangerous. If you see Sammy Patrick, do not try to approach him, Lee said. Call 911 or your local law enforcement immediately.

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