February 2, 2022

One man convicted in Kingston Frazier’s death is out on parole

Therese Apel

Kingston Frazier, left. Byron McBride, top right. Dwan Wakefield, center. D'Allen Washington, bottom right.
D’Allen Washington
Photo: MDOC

One of three teens convicted in the 2017 death of 6-year-old Kingston Frazier has been released on parole.

Even though it seemed probable at the time of his conviction that he would only serve 36 months, people who still grieve the child are reeling.

And everyone is still grieving Kingston, who was killed on May 18, 2017, after the car he was asleep in was stolen from the parking lot of the Kroger on I-55 at 1:00 in the morning. The ensuing Amber Alert was frantic and all-encompassing. Even before the news of his death hit, it felt like the whole metro area knew in their guts that the smiling child in the orange shirt in the picture sent out by all the news agencies was in grave danger.

A few hours later, Kingston’s mother’s car was found abandoned near the Gluckstadt exit off I-55 in Madison County. Kingston had been shot to death in a particularly brutal manner.

Byron McBride, believed to be the gunman, Dwan Wakefield, and Washington were all charged and convicted for their individual roles in the tragedy.

Washington pleaded guilty to one count of accessory after the fact of kidnapping in 2018. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison with 5 years suspended.

At the time, according to U.S. Congressman Michael Guest, who was then the Madison/Rankin County District Attorney, the evidence shows that Washington was not aware of the crimes until after they had been committed.

“The evidence showed he was unaware that a child was in the car and he didn’t learn until after Kingston had been killed what Mr. McBride had done or was continuing to do,” Guest said at the time.

Washington was originally charged with accessory to murder, accessory to kidnapping, and accessory to automobile theft, but those charges were dismissed when he testified.

“Mr. Washington has accepted responsibility for his limited involvement in this matter, which led to the unfortunate and senseless murder of Kingston Frazier, and has agreed to offer State’s evidence in the prosecution of the remaining co-defendants,” said his attorney Warren Martin at the time.

At the time of Washington’s release, Martin released a statement.

“As of yesterday, Mr. D’Allen Washington was released from the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections by order from the Mississippi Parole Board. Mr. Washington met all of the conditions for parole under Mississippi law and was granted parole based upon his eligibility and other factors,” Martin wrote. “As he has done since this tragic incident, Mr. Washington continues to express his sincerest condolences to the Frazier and Archie families. During this period, Mr. Washington respectfully requests privacy as he takes steps to move forward with his life.”

The Mississippi State Parole Board also released a statement to explain what they knew would be a decision that would stir up a lot of emotion.

“Washington, 22, is required to be on electronic monitoring for a year. His conditions also include monthly reporting, random drug testing, a midnight curfew, and non-affiliation with convicted felons. He cannot possess a gun, use alcoholic beverages, go to places with bad reputations, change his residency without notifying his supervising agent or leave the state without permission. He must pay all court costs and supervision fees. His supervision ends Dec. 21, 2028, followed by five years of probation.”

Parole board officials say Washington will be returned to prison if he violates parole.

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