February 1, 2022

AUDIO: Jackson firefighters respond to call of children trapped in burning home, family escapes safely

Therese Apel

Jackson Fire Department Engine 28

A Jackson family is safe after an early morning fire on Westmont Drive after firefighters responded to a call that children might still be trapped inside.

Jackson Fire Department Assistant Chief Patrick Armon said the call came in around 7:30 a.m. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they found it heavily involved with flames and smoke. Several people were outside the home, some with burns sustained trying to help other family members get out of the home.

“The girl said her baby was in the house. By that time, a guy had stopped. He had an axe in his trunk. We went around to the window and got it open and got the baby out,” a neighbor told WAPT’s Cecil Hannibal.

Armon said firefighters did a search to make sure there was no one else inside the hous before beginning fire suppression. The house was a total loss. Investigators are on the scene looking for the origin and cause of the fire.

In the original dispatch, a caller on the line told the dispatcher that the family believed children were caught inside the home, and that there didn’t seem to be a way to get them out. All the voices were calm and even, but the urgency was not lost.

Armon said while every fire is urgent, it’s only human to go a little above and beyond when there could be life at stake, Armon said.

“You want to assert yourself on another level,” he said. “On a normal day, you try your best to be at 100 percent, but when there’s life involved, especially children who could be in the process of being burned or hurt, you want to give that extra amount of what you’ve got left.”

Once firefighters arrives, there were no further injuries to civilians or fire personnel. Everyone made it out of the home safely.

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