October 31, 2022

8-Year-Old Dresses As “Coach Prime” For Halloween

Morgan Howard

Source: Jacqueline Faulkner Orr (Mother)

An 8-year-old named Cedric Orr II wanted to dress up as Coach Prime, or Deion Sanders, this year for Halloween and the internet is loving it.

His mother, Jacqueline Faulkner Orr shared the photo on Facebook and it already has over 800 shares.

Cedric’s mom, Jacqueline, told us that she is an alumnus of Jackson State University and a staunch supporter and believer in HBCU’s.

“I’ve worked in higher education for over 25 years. So what Coach Prime is doing has been nothing less than amazing! I am super proud of the international light being shown on the excellence of JSU and other HBCU’s!”

Jacqueline said they have always raised their son to know and love Jackson State University. Even at the young age of 8, Cedric is determined to go to JSU when he gets older.

His bedrooms is decked out in an HBCU theme showcasing many schools around the country.



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