December 30, 2021

Off-duty Kosciusko officer frees 3-month old from locked vehicle

Therese Apel

Off-duty Lt. Jerry Erving unlocks a vehicle for a mother who locked her child in the car with her keys
Lt. Jerry Erving

An off-duty Kosciusko police officer is being recognized for going above and beyond when a woman accidentally locked her child in a car.

According to a post from Kosciusko Police Departmnt, Lt. Jerry Erving was off-duty when it came to his attention that a mother had accidentally left her 3-month-old child inside a locked vehicle with her keys.

“If you’ve ever locked your keys in your vehicle then you know how stressful it can be,” the post reads. “Now imagine that your three month old baby is in the car.”

Lt. Erving actually had his lockout kit with him and was able to unlock the vehicle for the mother.

“This would not be such a commendable feat, but since Lt Erving was off duty at the time, and chose to Protect and Serve his community in his down time, it is worth recognition,” KPD posted. “Thank you for your service Lieutenant Erving. KPD is here to Protect and Serve.”

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