December 28, 2021

Madison Sheriff: Gang disputes leave one dead, two injured in separate shootings

Therese Apel

One is dead and two are injured in back-to-back shootings between rival gangs, Sheriff Randy Tucker said.

Canton police say Jamal Porter was the victim in a homicide on King Ranch Road, where he was shot in his vehicle. Porter was pronounced dead on the scene.

Tucker said when Canton put out the vehicle description that they were looking for, some narcotics agents with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department saw a vehicle fitting the description at a residence and set up to watch it. While they were in position, a separate vehicle pulled up with four men inside, and they allegedly proceded to shoot the home with ARs and SKSs. Tucker said between 50 and 150 shots were fired.

The deputies approached the alleged shooters and when they ran, the pursuit went on to Peace Street, where the vehicle wrecked and all four suspects were taken into custody. The guns were also taken into evidence.

Tucker said that’s when the deputies found that two more people had been shot at the home on Canal Street, and that he has been told they’re the suspects in the King Ranch Road shooting. One of them was shot in the groin and is badly injured and the other has non-life threatening issues. They’re both at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, the sheriff said.

Tucker said the incident is believed to be between two rival gangs and is believed to be part of a dispute that goes back to a fatal shooting at the Renaissance in Ridgeland earlier this year.

We have contacted Brown for comment and will update when we hear back from him.

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