December 20, 2021

Governor Tate Reeves authorizes one-time $1000 hazard pay for State of Mississippi officers

Therese Apel

Governor Tate Reeves

Sworn state law enforcement officers will see a little extra Christmas money in their accounts this year if Governor Tate Reeves has anything to say about it.

Today, Reeves announced the authorization of $1,000 in hazard pay for each sworn law enforcement officer who actively served during the COVID-19 State of Emergency and who was employed by state agencies as of November 30.

“As long as I’m governor, Mississippi will always back the blue,” said Reeves. “Throughout the pandemic, our state law enforcement officers stepped up in a big way. They put their own health on the line and risked increased exposure to COVID-19 to do what they’ve always done – selflessly protect and serve our communities with honor and professionalism.”

This one-time hazard pay, which is funded through discretionary CARES Act funds, will be distributed to state law enforcement officers by the end of the 2021 calendar year.

“They’ve earned every penny of this hazard pay, and I am proud to have authorized it,” Reeves said. “My administration will continue to do everything we can to ensure our state’s law enforcement officers receive the support and recognition they deserve.”

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