November 16, 2021

JCSD Advising Residents On Holiday Thefts

Mary Apel

JCSD Chief Deputy Mitch Sumrall is serious about deterring thieves

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department is reminding residents to stay vigilant during the upcoming holiday season as thefts traditionally increase during this period.

JCSD Chief Deputy Mitch Sumrall advises, “We normally see a rise in larcenies and burglaries between Thanksgiving and Christmas in Jones County. Some of these incidents are crimes of opportunity where thieves can see gift packages in vehicles, observe package deliveries on front porches, and recreational vehicles, lawn mowers, and utility trailers located in plain sight.”

Sumrall adds, “We urge residents to take precautions to secure your personal property, don’t leave valuables in vehicles, and if holiday shopping to put gifts in the trunk of your vehicle or make them hard to see in vehicles such as a SUV. Security cameras are also recommended for your home and business especially with the prices coming down greatly and a wide range of security camera products available.”

Chief Deputy Sumrall concludes, “We solve a large number of larcenies and burglaries here in Jones County. However, becoming a victim of a property crime is disturbing and can steal your sense of security. Please help us by securing personal property, having photos of personal property, keeping a list of VIN numbers, and hopefully having security camera video footage available.”

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