November 15, 2021

Oxford officer’s kind act reminds woman the world isn’t so bad after all

Therese Apel

Officer Dakamree Herod and Addison and Elias Mitchell
Elias Mitchell in his Power Wheels

An Oxford police officer is being praised on social media after he stopped to help a mom who couldn’t transport a toy car.

Addison Horne Mitchell posted over the weekend that she was struggling to load a Power Wheels truck she had bought off Marketplace for her son Elias. Officer Dakamree Herod and his partner saw her fighting to get the toy in her vehicle and stopped to help.

Together, they realized the little truck wouldn’t fit in the Escape she drove, Herod offered to get his truck and hold on to the Power Wheels until her husband could come pick it up.

“He did one better. He and his wife drove it all the way out to our house after he got off of shift,” Mitchell wrote. “He totally did not have to do that, but he did it out of the kindness of his heart!”

Mitchell said the incident reminded her the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

“I am so thankful for Officer Herod and his partner for showing my son true kindness and for setting an example,” she said. “I am still so stunned and so thankful!! OPD has two great men working for them!”

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