September 1, 2021

80-year-old Man Kills 65-year-old Roommate Before Fatal Deputy-involved Shooting

Mary Apel

An 80-year-old man killed his 65-year-old roommate before being shot by a Hancock County deputy, said authorities. The two men were killed in the floodwaters of Hancock County as Hurricane Ida coursed through the Gulf Coast.

WLOX’s John Fitzhugh reports that it all began around 5 a.m. Monday at a home in the Pearlington community after a man shot his roommate.

Hancock County Coroner Derek Turnage said George Hobart Shaw, 65, died after being shot by 80-year-old Martin Luther Bowman III, known in the area as Captain Foo or “the Captain”. Bowman lived with Shaw in the victim’s house.

Upon receiving a call about a murder, Sheriff’s deputies had to navigate the tropical storm force winds and rain using boats, encountering water as deep as nine feet at times.

Deputies tried to make contact with Bowman, said Hancock County Chief Deputy Jeremy Skinner. Bowman was shot just around 9 a.m. and died shortly after.

No deputies were injured, said Skinner. Nearby witnesses were then evacuated from the area on boats.

Turnage confirmed that both Bowman and Shaw died from gunshot wounds. Their bodies were sent to the state medical examiner’s office in Biloxi where autopsies were performed.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is now investigating the deputy-involved shooting. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the shooting death of Shaw.

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