September 3, 2021

3 arrested after Oxford children test positive for illegal narcotics

Therese Apel

Anika Weaver, Demetrius Brooks, and Banika Weaver

Three Oxford children tested positive for illegal narcotics recently, leading to the arrest of three adults.

According to the Oxford Police Department, Banika Weaver, 22, Anika Weaver, 22, and Demetrius Brock, 25, were all arrested Tuesday after drug tests came back positive on three children who had been present in a hotel room where the three adults appeared to be using narcotics in their presence.

The incident occurred August 18, when OPD was called to the Super 8 Hotel for a welfare concern. Once they arrived, they found those children with the adults, and officers suspected the adults had been using drugs.

Both Weavers and Brock were arrested on felony child endangerment charges.

A Lafayette County Justice Court judge issued $5,000 bond for each, but police say Anika Weaver was released on recognizance because of a medical condition.

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