July 27, 2022

Testimonies Continue in Case Against Last Officer Accused In George Robinson’s Death

Morgan Howard

The trial continues in the death of George Robinson, a 62-year-old Jackson man who died a few days after he was arrested by Jackson police back in 2019.

Three veteran police officers Desmond Barney, Lincoln Lampley, and Anthony Fox, were originally indicted on second-degree murder charges in January of 2019. Those charges were dismissed with prejudice for two of the three officers. Judge Faye Peterson decided that evidence and witnesses did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officers Lampley and Barney were involved in any activity that could have caused Robinson’s death. Judge Adrienne Wooten decided not to turn Fox’s trial over so they could all three be tried together, but he’s accused in the same crime.

Differing Accounts In Case Against Last Officer Accused In George Robinson’s Death

Testimony: Constance Johnson (George Robinson’s girlfriend)

Today, the trial continues, beginning this morning with a testimony from Constance Johnson, Robinson’s girlfriend. She said the two have been dating each other for six years. She talked about how when Robinson returned to the Mustang Inn on Highway 80 he complained that his head hurt and then fell asleep on the bed. She said he had a stroke about a week before the incident occurred. The 9-1-1 call was played for the courtroom. During the 9-1-1 call, Robinson could be heard snoring in the background. The 9-1-1 operator asked if Robinson’s arms and legs were stiff, and Johnson said they did seem stiff as she was helping him lay down.

Testimony: Jackson Police Supervisor Albrecht

Jackson Police Supervisor Albrecht was called to the stand next. He said that it was his responsibility to see what was going on with the situation, as the supervisor. Supervisor Albrecht talked about how he knew that Robinson was being arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Officers told him that officers suspected that Robinson was doing a drug transaction. They noticed that he had something in his hand. Albrecht then went to the Mustang Inn on Hwy 80 in Jackson to talk to Robinson’s girlfriend. He asked Constance Johnson what happened and she said that Robinson was arrested by police, his head was hurting, he took medicine and then laid down. 

After a break for lunch, the testimonies continued.

Testimony: AMR Paramedic, Andrew Aycox

An employee for AMR, Andrew Aycox, was called to the stand following lunch. Aycox said that he was called to the Washington Addition area on January 13, 2019, but did not know the nature of the call when he left.

When Aycox was on scene, he met George Robinson, and he said that he noticed he had an abrasion on his head. Robinson verbally refused medical attention. Police requested a small bandage for the man’s forehead. According to the AMR report, Aycox was on scene for a total of 5 minutes, and 1 second. During that time, he spoke with the first officer, then a second police officer, then the patient, and returned to the ambulance to get a bandage for Robinson.

Testimony: AMR Driver, Krystopher Holeman

The driver for AMR, Krystopher Holeman, took the stand next to give his account of what happened. Holeman said he has worked for AMR since 2017. He said that he, along with a paramedic, were dispatched to the Mustang Hotel on Hwy 80 on January 13, 2019. When they arrived, Holeman said they observed a patient lying on the bed unconscious and he saw that he had a cut or scratch on his head with swelling. He said that the patient, George Robinson, was lying face down with his arms tucked underneath him. He described this as “posturing”. Holeman said this normally means that someone is suffering from a brain injury. Holeman said that he helped his paramedic put Robinson on the stretcher and noticed that he felt pretty stiff. His legs were also twisted inward a little bit. Holeman said that he noticed a fireman was there, and a “lady in some relation to him”. When asked what the injury was, Holeman said it was a TBI or “traumatic brain injury”. Holeman said they transported him to UMMC and waited with him until he got a room there. Holeman also noted that he saw a hematoma on the right side of his forehead.

Testimony: Jackson Deputy Chief Deric Hearn

Jackson Deputy Chief Deric Hearn took the stand next to give his testimony. Deputy Chief Hearn said that although he did not personally conduct the investigation, he received reports from all three officers the Monday after the incident. Deputy Chief Hearn said the officers told him the reason they pulled over George Robinson was because they believed to have seen a drug transaction. The officers told him that as they took him out of the vehicle, there was a struggle and he fell to the ground.

Heard stated, “Anytime there are use of force incidents, I will see them as a Deputy Chief.”

When asked if anyone was reprimanded regarding this incident, Hearn said “No ma’am.”

There was some discussion of whether a writeup had been suggested or discussed, and Hearn said there was, but in the end it would have been Albrecht that would have been written up if anyone was.

The day ended around 6 p.m. Arguments begin again Thursday at 9 a.m.

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