June 17, 2022

Tupelo woman accused of credit card fraud against 2 vulnerable adults

Therese Apel

Tyvinni Atkinson

A Tupelo woman has been arrested on suspicion of abuse of two vulnerable adults.

Tupelo Police Department said in a release on Friday that Tyvinni Atkinson, 27, was an early suspect in a case of credit card fraud against an elderly citizen. Atkinson was a caregiver for the victim. She was arrested June 9 and charged with felony credit card fraud and exploitation of a vulnerable adult. Her bond was set at $5,000.

Just days later, Tupelo police were again notified of a previous credit card fraud case perpetrated against another elderly citizen. Atkinson was again listed as suspect and caregiver.

On Thursday, Atkinson was charged with one more count of credit card fraud and one more count of exploitation of a vulnerable adult. Her bond on that count was set at $2,500.

These cases will be presented to the Lee County Grand Jury.

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