June 6, 2022

Celtic Fest brings people from all over to enjoy food, music, culture

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A performer from Texas talks about the Mississippi Celtic Fest. Source: Elijah Mangum

By Elijah Mangum
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Thousands attended the 31st annual Celtic Fest at Lakeshore Park in Brandon this weekend.

Attendees celebrated Irish and Scottish culture through live music, dancing, vendors, and highland games.

Clark Lowery of the Celtic Heritage Society of Mississippi said one important aspect of the festival is the music.

“We hae a local dance school here in Jackson,” Lowery said. “So we promote the music, we promote the culture, we promote Ireland and Scotland.”

Andrea Macgee is one of those performers showcasing their talent at the festival. She brings local flavor straight from her homeland.

“I’m originally from Belfast in the north of Ireland. I came over to the United States in 2014 to try to create a new life through music,” said Macgee.

Macgee’s band, Úlla, was playing for the first time at the yearly event.

“We have been welcomed with open arms, and our music has been accepted very beautifully,” she said.

Many guests like Bruce Brown come every year to learn more about their Celtic heritage. Brown said that he has traced his ancestry back to Ireland, and it means alot to connect with his roots.

“I just love coming here every year and walking around and hearing the Irish music,” Brown said. “All my descendants on both sides of the family come from Ireland… It just means something to me to come over here.”

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