May 27, 2022

Three arrested after Vicksburg burglar breaks down on I-20 with $14K in stolen jewelry

Mary Apel

A woman accused of robbing a jewelry store was arrested after breaking down along the interstate.

Investigators said a woman stole about $14,000 worth of jewelry from Carter’s Jewelry in Vicksburg Thursday morning.

Authorities with the Mississippi Highway Patrol said a 911 call was made around 10:17 a.m. concerning an armed robbery at Carter’s Jewelry Store in Vicksburg. Officials said a woman attempted to leave the store with over $14,000 of stolen jewelry. They said as she drove away, she struck a curb, damaging the car’s tires.

A short time later that morning, an MHP trooper noticed two cars parked on the shoulder of I-20 in Hinds County. One of the cars reportedly matched the description of the armed robbery suspect.

Officials said a man near the cars ran away, crossing the interstate and attempting to climb a fence, before being arrested by the MHP trooper. Two women were also arrested at the scene without incident.

The man, identified as Richard T. Kyles, 36, of Jackson, was charged with resisting arrest, receiving stolen property and possessing a controlled substance. He was taken to the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department.

The woman believed to be the armed robbery suspect and the other woman arrested were taken to the Vicksburg Police Department.

This story will be updated as more details become available.

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