May 16, 2022

Greenwood Officer Recognized By Fellow First Responders After Applying Tourniquet to Man’s Shotgun Injury

Nicole Kral

When an accident occurs, there can often be multiple first responder agencies on the scene.

It is critical for these first responders to uphold professionalism, respect, and communication.

Officer Cleo Crain with the Greenwood Police Department has been recognized by his first responder colleagues for portraying those exact qualities, as well as bravely taking on life-saving measures during a crisis.

In an incident that happened recently, Officer Crain was congratulated for his quick response of applying a tourniquet after a man had been shot by a shotgun.

Stephen Brown, a member of the paramedic team that was on-scene said the following:

“I would like to commend and congratulate Officer Cleo Crain at Greenwood Police Department for his quick response and heroic actions of placing a CAT Tourniquet on a man’s leg after being shot by a 20G shotgun. [Officer Crain] quickly recognized the life threatening injury and correctly placed the CAT Tourniquet to save this mans life. He exemplifies what a first responder is and a lot of officers can learn from him. Even Emergency Medical Service Providers.

Not all heroes wears capes. This just shows the world there are good officers out there.

Stephen Brown
Pafford EMS”

Chief Terrence Craft of Greenwood Police agreed that Officer Crain’s expertise is invaluable to the police force.

It is very critical, especially when you have a wound, that [officers] know how to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, and we try to make sure that our officers are trained in such. By the time paramedics arrive it may be too late for the person to actually receive the treatment that they need, so it’s critical. 

Now Officer Crain is one of our more experienced and trained officers when it comes to first response because he has background at the fire department. He also worked part time with med staff, and of course he works here at the police department. He has a little bit more training than a lot of the staff.

He’s a great asset here to our department.”

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