May 16, 2022

Eagle Lake: Multiple Agencies Help To Free Woman Trapped In Home By Fallen Tree

Nicole Kral

Photo by: Terra Strickland on UnSplash

A series of storms passed through the Vicksburg area on Sunday night leaving a woman trapped in her home after a large tree fell on it during the storm, according to the Vicksburg Daily News. 

The young woman was trapped for approximately an hour in the Eagle Lake home.

Once the report was called in, Fire Chief of the Eagle Lake Fire Department, Chris Libbey, was first to arrive on the scene. \

Massive reinforcement from multiple agencies followed.

Responders were able to safely extricate her, but did sustain serious injuries.

Fire Coordinator Jerry Briggs, Sheriff Martin Pace, Chris Kennedy with Bovina Fire Dept., Rescue, multiple EMS, deputies, county firefighters including Zack Hearn and former police officer Robert Capp assisted at the scene.


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