May 5, 2022

Man Victim of Accidental Drowning Near Gulfport Small Craft Harbor

Nicole Kral

53-year-old Wesley Goode of Carriere was the victim of a drowning accident at the Gulfport Small Craft Harbor on Wednesday morning.

Goode fell into the water, after allegedly attempting to chase a boat that had floated away from a trailer.

The boat started to float away from the trailer, so Goode jumped in to swim after it, according to Harrison County Coroner Brian Switzer.

An individual reportedly asked Goode if he needed help, but Goode said he could handle it since he was a good swimmer.

That same person told investigators he saw Goode begin to struggle and within seconds he went under and didn’t resurface.

 About 40 minutes later, Gulfport Fire Department divers located Goode’s body in about 10 feet of water.

During the initial drowning, a group of firemen, not from Gulfport, were doing PT in Jones Park and rushed over to help.

One jumped into the water and searched for Goode, but was unable to locate the body.

This case is being considered an accidental drowning.

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