April 15, 2022

Two charged with capital murder in Scott County

Mary Apel

Two suspects have been captured after attacking a Scott County couple in February, killing one and injuring the other. The suspects allegedly shot the couple’s three dogs as well.

Matthew Deon Hickman, 22, of Louisville and Jacari J. Broom, 22, of Lake, have been charged with capital murder and aggravated assault.

Investigators believe Broom and Hickman broke into the couple’s home on Sparksville Road in Forest and were caught in the act.

At some point, Oracio Murillo and Christina Kuykendall were both shot and their three dogs killed during the incident.

Based on Murillo’s autopsy, authorities say he was shot in the face and the upper torso. Kuykendall was shot in the hand and the upper torso. Murillo died at the scene and Kuykendall was rushed to UMMC.

Broom and Hickman are also charged with breaking and entering and animal cruelty.

The two are charged in other incidents of armed robbery and breaking and entering as well.

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