April 8, 2022

2 caretakers arrested in alleged abuse of the corpse of a vulnerable adult

Therese Apel

Two women are behind bars, accused of abusing the corpse of a man under their supervision as caretakers.

Angela Lee, 45, and Angela Smith, 21, have both been arrested for abuse of a corpse, hindering prosecution and violation of a vulnerable adult.

WLBT reports they were arrested by Jackson Police Department Wednesday at a location on Myers Avenue.

Police reportedly had gotten a tip that there was a body buried on Magnolia Road in Clinton. When police began to search, they found the body of Steve Perry in a shallow grave wrapped in an air mattress with duct tape, WLBT reports. He was covered in bruises.

An SUV was confiscated that is believed to have been how the body was transported.

Officers recovered an SUV from the Myers Avenue location that they say was used to transport the body.

Police say additional charges could be added once Steve Perry’s cause of death is determined.

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