March 24, 2022

Capitol Grill management looking for a man who allegedly stole from the tip jar

Therese Apel

Bartenders at Capitol Grill in Jackson had their tips stolen early Thursday morning, according to management.

According to Capitol Grill, it was around 12:50 a.m. when a man who can be seen on surveillance video near the bartender’s tip jar. He started by sliding it toward him while the bartender was away from the cash register.

Finally he was able to pull the jar off the counter when nobody was looking. Capitol Grill Operating Partner Lance Gammill said a woman in the group paid with a card, so her identity is known. There are other videos in the comment section of the Facebook video that Capitol Grill posted, and four people can be seen in the group.

“We need the identity of the gentleman in blue, as you will see in the videos,” the Facebook post said. “Authorities have been contacted, but any additional information will be much appreciated!!!”

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