October 20, 2023

HEARTWARMING VIDEO: Dogs Missing After Truck Stolen From Jackson Walmart Found 9 Miles Away

Morgan Howard

UPDATE: The dogs have been safely returned to their owner. A woman who lives approximately 9 miles north found the three dogs and kept them safe at her home.

When she saw the stories about the dogs being stolen, she called the owners and they were reunited.

She received the $10,000 reward from the owners.


A man is offering a $10,000 reward after his pickup truck was stolen from the Walmart on Greenway Drive in Jackson with his three dogs inside.

The owner, Dalton Laakea Vicar is desperate to find his beloved dogs.

Please keep your eyes peeled and if you see anything, call 504-615-0662.

The truck is a 2017-2019 f450 western hauler edition Texas license plate KKD 0987.

The man who owns the dogs was in town for a cutting competition at the Mississippi State Fair. He ran to Walmart and his truck was stolen.

Authorities have already been contacted.

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