February 28, 2023

Woman Reunited With Her Dog After Alleged Thief Threw Him Out Of Truck In Jackson

Morgan Howard

Woman happily reunited with dog after stolen.
Animal Rescue Fund shared a strange, yet happy coincidence that happened over the weekend.
They said that this weekend, a former employee of ARF saw a dog being tossed from a truck.
She stopped and picked the dog up and brought her to ARF in Jackson.
The rescue scanned the dog for a chip, the dog had no tags, but appeared well-fed and clean. The shelter said they were sure she had an owner out there.
Later that day, a woman came by the shelter and handed them a flyer. When the shelter workers saw the pup in the picture they were shocked!
This was the dog they had seen get thrown out of the truck earlier that day! They had the dog safely at the shelter.
When the shelter workers brought the dog into the parking lot, shelter workers said you would have thought both the dog and owner hit the megamillions in the lottery for how excited they were.
“The crying, the wiggling, the jumping up and down, all the feels!”
The owner said she was going to be getting her dog microchipped and tags right away so this wouldn’t happen again!

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