June 24, 2024

Woman Found Safe After Going Missing While Tubing Down Jones County Creek

Morgan Howard

An all-night search and rescue operation in Jones County concluded successfully the next morning when a woman who had been reported missing near Tallahala Creek was found safe.

Just after 11:00 p.m. Saturday, volunteer fire departments from South Jones, Southwest, Moselle, Union, and Boggy were alerted to the disappearance of an adult female near the Union bridge. The woman reportedly broke away from her group around 6:30 pm while floating the creek to return home. Her companions realized she was missing when they returned to the parking area and found her car still parked where it had been left.

The search operation, involving the MS Forestry wardens and numerous civilians, spanned from the Union Bridge to Morriston Road on the creek. Wayne County’s Tracy West, brought a drone to help with search efforts.

Despite the challenging conditions and extremely shallow creek, Glade and Southwest VFDs deployed their rescue boats. However, the boats were of limited assistance, leading Boggy and Southwest VFDs to utilize a john boat for a more effective search.

The search extended through the night, with teams on the scene from 11 pm until 9 am. Relief came around 8 am when a Good Samaritan found the missing woman on North Pumping Station Road. She was walking from a power line that ran directly from the river and declined medical treatment and transport. She reported that she had gotten lost while returning to her car and spent the night on a sandbar, only venturing out at daylight when she felt it was safe.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) responded to the scene briefly at around 11 pm and again at 8 am.

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