September 12, 2023

Woman Arrested After Shooting Boyfriend’s Truck In Jones County

Morgan Howard

On August 8, Jones County Sergeant Cody Pitts was dispatched to 2390 Highway 29 North, in reference to an aggravated domestic complaint that happened at 11 Sherwood Forrest Drive.

When officers arrived, they made contact with a man named Jeffery Landon Dunn who told Sgt. Pitts that his girlfriend Courtney Leroux Piper shot his vehicle as he was backing out of the driveway.

Dunn said that Piper was drinking alcohol and began to accuse him of cheating on her as she continued to drink. When she passed out on the bed, Dunn went through her phone and found evidence that she was cheating on him. He woke her up and told her he was leaving her.

Piper then got out of bed and began to punch Dunn in the face, cutting his lip, then pushed him around the house.

After Piper finished assaulting Dunn, he packed up his belongings and loaded them into his truck. When he went down the hallway to tell her he was leaving, he saw she had a pistol in her hand.

Dunn ran to the truck but Piper ran to his window with the Smith and Wesson snub nose revolver. She shot at Dunn as he reversed his vehicles out of the driveway.

Piper shot at him five times and Dunn said he heard the bullets hitting his vehicle. Piper’s six-year-old daughter was standing outside while the shooting happened.

Sgt. Pitts saw the bullet holes in the vehicle.

Piper turned herself into the Ellisville Police Department and was arrested by Deputy Avera. She was taken to the Jones County Jail and booked on the charge of Aggravated Domestic Assault.


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