June 12, 2024

Two Shot Outside Lucedale Walmart

Morgan Howard

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According to WLOX, two people were shot outside of the Lucedale Walmart.

Lucedale Police Chief Kellum Fairley said the shooting happened around 9:47 p.m. Tuesday at the store on Old 63 South.

WLOX reports that a man fired 3 to 4 rounds at another man near the grocery entrance of the Walmart.

Lucedale Police say two Black males, one wearing a hoodie and the other wearing a tank top, walked from the parking lot to the grocery entrance and began entering the store. Then, they turned in the entrance and started backing out of the store as another man approached the entrance.

WLOX reports that police say the suspect wearing the hoodie pulled a handgun from under the hoodie and fired shots, which appeared to have struck the approaching man in his upper left shoulder.

One of those bullets ricocheted and struck a customer in the foot.

The two men jumped into their vehicle and sped away from the store. The man who was shot ran into the store and later left. He received care for his wound at George Regional Health System.

The woman was taken to USA Women and Children’s Hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Lucedale police have identified two suspects and said they will make an arrest soon.

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to contact the Lucedale Police Department at 601-947-3261.

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