October 27, 2022

Tupelo narcotics arrests lead to burglary charges

Mary Apel

On 10-22-2022 Tupelo Police Officers conducted a traffic stop in the area of Hwy 6 and College Street in South Tupelo. During that stop a passenger, Christopher Stubbs (22 y/o male, Tupelo), was detained for Felony Possession of Narcotics. Narcotics agents will request that charge be enhanced due to Stubbs being in constructive possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest.

Evidence was developed during the 10-22 arrest that tied Stubbs to a 10-18 car burglary on Plantation Circle in Tupelo. Investigators have charged Stubbs with Burglary of an Auto.

In addition, suspect Dominique Witherspoon (20 y/o female, Tupelo) has also been charged with Accessory After the Fact related to the car burglary.

On 10-24-2022 Tupelo Municipal Court Judge Weir set bond for Stubbs at $40,000 for B&E of Auto. Bond has also been set at $10,000 for the Felony Narcotics Charges.

On 10-25-2022 Tupelo Municipal Court Judge Weir set bond at $5,000 for Witherspoon for Accessory After the Fact. This case is ongoing with other charges and suspects being reviewed. The case will be presented to the Lee County Grand Jury.

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