September 12, 2023

Tupelo Man Previously Arrested For Assault On Police Officer Arrested On Same Charge Again

Morgan Howard

On September 11, at 8:30 a.m. Tupelo Police stopped 43-year-old William Earnest Westmoreland on McCullough Blvd near Adams Farm Road for a traffic violation.
Officers developed probable cause to have Westmoreland exit the vehicle but he refused. When officers tried to remove him, he began a physical confrontation with both officers actively fighting officers and attempting to grab one officer’s sidearm.
During the attack, officers tased him with minimal effect. Finally, officers and bystanders were able to get Westmoreland handcuffed.
One officer was injured and transported to NMMC ER for treatment.
The suspect, Westmoreland, was taken to LSO where he was cleared by medics and booked.
Tupelo police said that the officer who was injured will need follow-up care for injuries to his back.
An investigation revealed an open container, suspected Marijuana, and THC Edibles.
Westmoreland was also out on bond from Tupelo Municipal Court for a 06/19/2023 Assault on a Police Officer Charge involving a Tupelo Officer.
On 09/11/2023, Westmoreland was ordered held without bond by Tupelo Municipal Court Judge Weir for Assault on a Police Officer (Felony).

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