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June 18, 2021

Alert trooper finds missing Jasper County child walking on county road

Therese Apel

Photo Credit: Clarke County Hot Topics

An alert state trooper is being credited with getting a missing child back to his family on Thursday, according to Clarke County Hot Topics, a local news page in Clarke County.

According to CCHT, Trooper Kevin Bentley was driving on Jasper County Road 20 toward Highway 503 Thursday night when he noticed a small child walking alone in the road.

Bentley checked with Jasper County Sheriff’s Department to see if they had a report of a missing child and found that there had been a 2-year-old missing since around 7:30 a.m. He made sure the child was safe and then called for deputies to come to where he was. An ambulance was also called to check the child out since it was a hot day, CCHT reports.

Mississippi Highway Patrol posted about the incident later Friday, saying, “When Trooper Bentley got out of his patrol car to check on the missing boy, the child began to run towards the Trooper. Teaching your kids that law enforcement officers are the ‘good guys’ may end up saving their lives or assist in bringing them back to safety. Thank you, Trooper Bentley, for being attentive and thinking quick to get this child back to safety.”

“We’re thankful that The Lord placed Trooper Bentley in the right place at the exact right time in order to get this child returned to safety. We’re told the little boys family was very thankful and appreciative of Trooper Bentley’s efforts to find the child,” CCHT posted. “Even though this happened in neighboring Jasper County, CCHT would like to commend the Trooper and all other emergency personnel for what they did to search, care for and return the missing little 2 year old boy.”

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