July 22, 2021

Traffic stop becomes inspirational friendship for Gulf Coast Trooper and grieving man

Therese Apel

Trooper Caleb McQueen and new friends

A Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper made a special connection with a man who needed a friend recently when he pulled him over for speeding.

Trooper Caleb McQueen was patrolling in Hancock County when he saw a car speeding on Highway 607, according to Troop K’s Facebook page. He pulled the car over, and as the driver handed him his license, McQueen could tell the man was emotional about something.

McQueen asked him what was bothering him. It probably seemed like a simple question.

The driver told McQueen that his brother had recently died, and that he was having a really hard time dealing with it. He said he’d been at his home praying that God would help him cope with the tragedy, and that he decided he needed to take a drive to clear his head.

McQueen took the man’s license to his patrol car and came back after a few minutes. He handed the license back and warned the driver to slow down. He also told the man how sorry he was for the loss of his brother.

Moved, the driver asked what McQueen’s name was, because he wanted to thank him for understanding.

“Caleb McQueen,” the Trooper said.

The driver was so emotional after he heard that that he couldn’t talk. Taking out his cell phone, he typed, “My brother’s name was Caleb.”

“What started as a drive for self-care turned into a traffic stop that led to answered prayer, understanding, and the beginning of a lifelong friendship,” Troop K wrote in their post. “ALL THE STRENGTH AND FORCE OF A MAN COME FROM HIS FAITH IN THINGS UNSEEN – James Freeman Clark”

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