December 16, 2022

Timeline Released From The Night Two Bay St. Louis Police Officers Were Shot And Killed

Morgan Howard

St. Louis Police Officers killed in line of duty

Mississippi Department of Public Safety released a timeline of events that lead up to the two police officers being shot and killed in Bay St. Louis.

2:30 a.m. December 14

Amy Anderson and her minor child arrived and checked in at Motel 6 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

3:35 a.m. December 14

The front desk manager at the Motel 6 called 911 stating that a guest by the name of Amy Anderson requested 911 be called and that the guest sounded distressed.

3:38 a.m. December 14

Officer Branden Estorffe arrived, and a minute later Sergeant Steven Robin also arrived on scene at the Motel 6. Officers spent approximately 40 minutes interacting with Amy Anderson and her minor child. Anderson advised the officers that she was in fear for her life and that she was being followed by a white pickup truck. The interactions with Anderson and her child happened inside and outside of the motel room. Officers took statements, gathered information, and investigated the allegations that Anderson was making.

The two officers decided that Child Protective Services needed to be called for the safety of her child.

Anderson and her child began putting bags into her vehicle and told officers they were going to leave the motel.

4:19 a.m. December 14

Amy Anderson, while seated in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, fired one shot killing Sergeant Robin who was standing at the driver’s side door. Officer Estorffe, who was on the phone with the Mississippi Department of Child Protective Services, immediately returned to Anderson’s vehicle.

As Estorffe approached the vehicle, Anderson and Estorffe exchanged rounds resulting in fatal injuries to both individuals. The minor child did not receive any physical injuries during the incident.

“This is a very tragic situation,” said Commissioner Sean Tindell. “It is my opinion that Officer Estorffe and Sergeant Robin’s concerns for the safety of the minor child were well-founded and based upon the mental state of Mrs. Anderson their heroic actions very well may have saved the lives of others.”

This continues to be an open and ongoing investigation. Upon completion of this investigation, additional details will be made public.

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