November 20, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Woman Collecting Sleeping Bags To Hand Out To Homeless In Jackson

Morgan Howard

A Jackson woman is collecting sleeping bags to hand out to her friends experiencing homelessness in Jackson.
She knows over 32 friends who are living in homeless camps around the city of Jackson.
As temperatures drop, she is collecting sleeping bags to give to them to help battle the frigid temperatures at night.
Dee Dee Moore has volunteered with several local homeless ministries and now knows and has formed friendships with quite a few individuals who sleep outside.
Moore said that she has seen from experience how quickly their sleeping bags get worn out being in the elements each night.
“I woke up this morning and the temperature outside said 39 degrees. That isn’t technically freezing but it is extremely cold if you sit down on the concrete or grass for a few minutes to rest. I have a minimum of 32 friends living in encampments around the Jackson area. They all need a sleeping bag to survive. You wouldn’t believe how fast they wear out when they are used in the elements every single day. I gave away 14 sleeping bags in just 3 days before the last cold snap and the recipients were so grateful. Homelessness is complex.”
If you want to help with this project, you can contact Dee Dee Moore at 601-624-8172 or you can order off this  Amazon wishlist. 
You can drop off sleeping bags at Shayna’s in Ridgeland and if you donate a sleeping bag then you can get 20% off any item in the store.
The store address is 707 Beau Pre Dr. Ste. A, Ridgeland, MS 39157.
We will always stop to share stories of people doing good in Mississippi. We need more people focusing on the good, being the change, and unconditionally loving those around them.

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