April 6, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Harrison Co. Sheriff’s Office Volunteers Cook For First Responders In Rolling Fork

Morgan Howard

Harrison County Sheriff's Dept. cooks for first responders, workers in Rolling Fork.

Among all of the tragedy and loss of lives and homes in Rolling Fork, Mississippi really rallied behind this town. Help, support, and volunteers came from all over to help those affected.

One of these groups of heroes was volunteers with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Troy Peterson started a disaster response team for first responders affected in storm-hit areas.

This team is made up of volunteers from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

They respond to heavily affected areas and cook for first responders in that area and also help with clean up on those responders’ homes. This group also feeds other workers in that area.

In one trip, they often make around 4,000 meals in a one-week period for people in the area.

The items they use to cook with are all usually donated from businesses and locals from their hometown area (Harrison County).

We love seeing stories like these. Mississippi is so good at stepping up and standing in the gap when others are hurting. We care and we love so well!

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