April 10, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Madison Firefighters Rescue Ten Ducklings From Storm Drain

Morgan Howard

The Madison Fire and Police Department got a rescue call you don’t hear every day from Kroger on Hwy 51.
The concerned caller said that 10 ducklings had fallen into a drain in the parking lot.
When officers arrived, they found the mother duck anxious and flying around in the air above the drain.
Two firefighters, Wallace and Blake, put on their turnouts and grabbed an attic ladder. They went down into the drain where they found the ten cute ducklings, hopelessly stuck.
Wallace grabbed a basket from Kroger and scooped up the ducklings.
Fire crews said as the ducks were brought up to the surface and passed up to firemen Moss and DeFrance, the mother duck began loudly thanking the firemen as she saw her babies come to safety.
Ms. Lisa released the baby ducks close by to the thankful mama duck.
“In a world full of people who couldn’t care less, be someone who cares more.”

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