June 28, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Local Locksmith Secures Animal Rescue’s Door After Overnight Break-In

Morgan Howard

Jason Meeks with SE Locksmith securing rescue's door

A local locksmith, Jason Meeks, heard about a break-in at a large no-kill animal shelter in Jackson called Animal Rescue Fund (ARF). 

An intruder severely damaged ARF’s 8-foot steel door during the break-in overnight and then proceeded to steal over $5,000 of supplies.

Jason Meeks and his wife Kim Meeks are a couple who own SE Lock & Key, LLC in Jackson.

ARF Director, Pippa Jackson said that whenever they call this couple, they immediately come to their rescue.

Pippa said when she told Jason about the break-in and how she needed to get their front door secure and safe until they can find the funds to replace it, Jason came over to help.

They got their front door secure until it can be replaced.

Jackson said,
If you are ever needing locksmith services, please remember this guy, his and his wife’s company and how they not only do great work, but are caring and compassionate about friends and neighbors. *they are amazing pet owners as well*.

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