February 15, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Jones County Deputy Helps Rescue Malnourished Horse Tied To Lawnmower

Morgan Howard

Source: Homeward Horse Haven
The horse’s fluffy hair hid the extremely malnourished body underneath as he stood tied to a lawn mower in somebody’s yard in Jones County.
It was clear that the horse was extremely malnourished and had been neglected for some time.
Source: Homeward Horse Haven
Source: Homeward Horse Haven
According to the Jones County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Regina Newton worked with the horse’s owner on a voluntary surrender of the animal to Homeward Horse Haven. Deputy Newton works a large number of animal calls and has a heart for animals and their care in the community.
Source: Jones County SO
Homeward Horse Haven loaded the poor horse into the trailer and rushed him to the vet to get assessed.
Source: Homeward Horse Haven
Source: Homeward Horse Haven
The rescue posted,
“Wasn’t how I expected to spend Friday, but this baby is on his way to new and better things. And that makes it ok. Said to be three years old, but I highly doubt he is that old. If he is, he is very stunted. I am waiting to hear from vets to see if anyone is available to see him today. The extremely thick fluff is hiding how thin he is.”
This horse now has a new lease on life and will never know neglect and abuse again. He has been named Caspian.
The rescue said that when they took Caspian to the vet, they learned that although he is small, he is mighty.
Source: Homeward Horse Haven
They learned that he is a bit of a mystery, and although the owners said he was three years old, his teeth lean towards that or a little bit older. The vet said that his teeth are weird, so it is hard to pinpoint his age.
Caspian is likely older than believed, and his growth was severely stunted from going such a long time without proper nutrition.
Homework Horse Haven said,
“Malnutrition can do crazy things, especially in a growing body. I would feel better about him being older considering he was ridden. Either way, in the end all that matters is that he is safe and comfortable. Whether he grows up or stays small won’t change our care plan. But you can bet we are working on feet handling asap”
You can follow along with Caspian’s journey and updates here on Homeward Horse Haven, Inc’s Facebook page!

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