October 7, 2022

Southaven Police Dept. Responded In 3 Minutes To Call About Active Shooter At School

Morgan Howard

On Friday, October 7th, the Southaven Police Department received a call from someone alleging an active shooter was at DeSoto Central High School. The caller said approximately 10 students had been shot.
Officers arrived on scene within 3 minutes of the call.
The school was completely cleared and secured within approximately 40 minutes.
Officers were able to determine that no students were injured, and the complaint was false.
The photo in this story is the law enforcement who showed up to the scene.
The police department stated,
“We will continue to use every available resource to protect the children of DeSoto County. The Southaven Police Department would like to thank the citizens and parents for being patient during this event. We would also like to thank every federal, state, and local agency that responded without hesitation.”

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