February 21, 2023

DARKHORSE DOGS: Snookie, One Of 104 Neglected Shitzu’s Rescued From A Puppy Mill, Is Now Living Her Best Life

Morgan Howard

Source: MARL Snookie
In the fall of 2019, Mississippi Animal Rescue League responded to a call from law enforcement in a small town in Mississippi for help with a hoarding case.
MARL, along with many volunteers and officials from the community seized 104 terribly neglected Shih Tzus from one home.
64 dogs were brought to MARL shelter and a local vet clinic in the town called, “All About Animals” offered to take 40 of the dogs.
MARL was able to get 13 volunteer groomers to work for about 5 days to get all of the dogs bathed and groomed.
Snookie wanted to share her Glow Up story after she was adopted by a lady named Macey McKenzie and her mom Stacey.
They recently sent MARL this update of Snookie living her absolute best life. The family said they love Snookie so much.
When the dogs were groomed at the shelter, most of them had to be sedated because they were so afraid. However, now Snookie loves her grooming dates.
Snookie is extremely spoiled and no longer kept in a tiny cage for breeding purposes, thanks to her new owners, MARL, law enforcement, and the volunteers in the community for stepping up to save her.
MARL said,
“Thank you Macey and Stacey for loving this sweet girl and giving her such a great home. What a happy ever after for Snookie.”

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