February 13, 2023

Six People Injured After Shoot-Out In Louisville

Morgan Howard

According to WCBI, six people were hospitalized following a shooting in Louisville.

Three victims were airlifted to Jackson for life-threatening injuries, and the other three victims were released.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of the Blackwell store at Jones Avenue and John C. Stennis Avenue.

Police Chief Sean Holdiness told WCBI there are multiple suspects involved, some of them being minors.

Chief Holdiness said,

“In an area like this, we’re lucky to have two in the area. We use common sense and when it was life-threatening injuries, we put those people into emergency rooms. We’re going to do whatever it takes. We will keep you up to date and provide the latest details as this investigation unfolds. I’m angry. The community is angry and we’re hurt ’cause there were three people that were hurt and got on a helicopter to go to Jackson for wounds and one of them was just an innocent bystander. A 62-year-old man that wasn’t paying attention to anything,” 

WCBI reports that one person is in custody so far.

If anyone has any information they’re encouraged to contact Louisville Police Department

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