May 22, 2023

Richland PD officer helps save one year old baby

Mary Apel

From the Richland Police Department:

On May 20, 2023, at approximately 8:53 A.M., Richland Police Department received a 911 call in reference to a 1 year old female choking on an unknown substance and coughing blood. Dispatcher Sara Jones was able to determine the address to be on Maxine Dr, which is just outside the city limits of Richland. Dispatcher Sara obtained pertinent information and dispatched Richland Units to assist Rankin County.

Richland PD Units responded and Richland Engine 2 responded at Lt. Chapa’s request. Ofc. Mullins arrived first on location and met a frantic mother holding the female baby on the front porch. The child was salivating profusely and was struggling to breathe. Ofc. Mullins began life saving measures and conducted back thrust. Lt. Chapa and Sgt. Grace arrived shortly after and assisted Ofc. Mullins. Ofc. Mullins handed Lt. Chapa the child. The child went limp and had gasping and agonal respirations. Lt. Chapa quickly jumped into Ofc. Mullins front passenger seat with the child and Ofc. Mullins began driving towards the front of the neighborhood. Life saving measures were continued and Ofc. Mullins and Lt. Chapa met Richland Engine 2 on Leila and Cleary Road.

The child began crying loudly and coughing strongly. Pafford EMS later arrived on location and the child was awake and breathing. The child was transported to the Children’s Hospital for evaluation.

Due to the calm and quick thinking of Dispatcher Sara, she was able to get immediate help to the child. Ofc. Mullins’ quick response time and actions definitely gave the child a fighting chance at survival. She was later released to go home with her family. All responding Officers delivered a few surprises and visited with the child.

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