October 6, 2022

Richard’s Disposal Announces They Will No Longer Pick Up Trash In Jackson

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Richard’s Disposal has announced their plan to suspend residential trash pick-up. Their last day of pick up in Jackson will be October 8th.
After six months under an emergency contract and without compensation, Richard’s Disposal will cease all city-wide garbage collection.
The announcement affects approximately 150,000 residential customers as well as municipal court and other municipal buildings around the city that are being serviced with roll off containers.
The stoppage includes the twice-per-week pick-up of all residential garbage (including the collection of bulk items and bagged leaves). Household Hazardous Waste can still be dropped off at 1570 University Boulevard (at the corner of Highway 80 West).
Richard’s Disposal, the low bidder for the waste management contract by $12 million, was issued a fully executed emergency contract that has yet to be ratified by the Jackson City Council.
Since April 1, 2022, the contractor has satisfactorily fulfilled all obligations and the outstanding invoices due for garbage collection over the past six months exceeds four million dollars.
The work stoppage directly affects 70 local employees who were unemployed or underemployed at the time they were hired by Richard’s. Additionally, the contractor employs a local security company that operates around the clock to protect vehicles and equipment.
Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said,
“I would like to thank Richard’s Disposal, their 70 local employees, and Mr. Alvin Richard for their dedicated service over the past six months, They have met all the obligations of their executed contract and have gone above and beyond the terms of the agreement. It is unfortunate that the Jackson City Council has failed to ratify the executed contract and allow for payment for services rendered. The citizens of Jackson have paid and continue to pay for the solid waste collection, and they have received the services but, due to inaction by the Jackson City Council, my administration is legally unable to pay Richard’s for services rendered. My thoughts and prayers are with the 70 local employees and their families who are facing unemployment as we approach the holiday season.”
Pending a ratified contract and payment for services rendered, the contractor is suspending operations in the city and garbage collection will be on hold indefinitely.
Residents are encouraged to manage interrupted trash pick-up by:
1. Reducing the amount of household waste by using reusable containers and other sustainable household products and goods, rather than disposables.
2. Freezing seafood waste until garbage pickup resumes;
3. Continuing to drop-off all Household Hazardous Waste to 1570 University Boulevard; and
4. Staying informed by following updates via the City of Jackson’s official website, through social media and the local news.
The city of Jackson is currently exploring all options when it comes to garbage pick-up, including designated local pick up spots. We will keep you informed of any new developments

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