April 24, 2023

Reports: Human remains found in Neshoba County over the weekend

Therese Apel

A woman called the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office over the weekend with a frightening discovery.

She said she was on the side of Road 729 in the Shady Grove community and that she had found a piece of what she thought was part of a skeleton.

The Neshoba Democrat reports that Sheriff Eric Clark said investigators were sent to the scene and were able to verify that the discovery was human bone. The county coroner took a look at it and it has been sent to the State Crime Lab for more investigation, Clark said.

There is evidence that the piece of bone belongs to a female skull, Clark told the Democrat. He said the coroner believes it could be older remains, as well. How it got to the spot where it was found is a mystery, he said.

The Scotty Ray Report says the bones most likely belong to another set of remians that was discovered recently. Sheriff James Moore in Kemper County is assisting with the evidence team along with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, the Mississippi Bureau of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks.

According to the Democrat, Clark said he has identified a number of missing person cases from the area and is working closely with Kemper County.

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