June 19, 2023

Rankin County child care facility takes tornado hit Sunday, other areas affected

Therese Apel

Tornado damage in Florence

Swveral days of severe weather have left at least one dead, at least two dozen injured, and damage to homes, businesses, and other structures throughout central Mississippi.

On Sunday night, responders from all over Rankin County converged on McCullough-McLin Road where an apparent tornado had touched down, leaving trees and power lines down across roads and on houses. Several structures were badly damaged, but thankfully there was no loss of life there.

Diane Owens, owner of Rainbow Child Care Center, said the tornado came through quickly. Her business, which has been in place for 28 years, was damaged. The children were due back Tuesday, but she said she can’t bring them back until she knows the building is safe. At this point, she’s not sure what happens next in the process.

There was a fatality reported in Jasper County, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. Governor Tate Reeves said the tornadoes in Jasper County were from Louin to Bay Springs to Turnervlle.

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office said supplies to help with those affected by the tornado can be dropped off at their office. Water, personal hygiene items, snacks (individually wrapped), garbage bags, plastic storage tubs, etc. are needed, but no clothing or cooked food please.

Emergency crews are doing additional search and rescue missions and damage assessments in both areas now, with drones in those areas where it is impossible to get by vehicle due to downed power lines, according to Reeves. There are multiple damaged homes and road closings in both communities.

“Please pray for those affected and for our team members out helping their communities and their fellow Mississippians this morning!” Reeves posted on his Facebook.

According to MEMA, residents affected by storm damage should do the following:
1. File an insurance claim.
2. Take photos of the damage.
3. Report your damage to MEMA or your local EMA.

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